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Celestial Cheetah 4yo Filly 16hh

Burlington KY


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Cheetah came to us the end of August and shortly after blew out a massive abscess in her hind foot. While healing it up we acclimated her to the farm and started putting weight on her. Cheetah fits in with anyone. She's the horse thay you can put with someone new and she wont hurt them, she can go out by herself... as of now she's turned out with a mixed herd of 5. Eats well, easy keeper, never causes any problems or drama. She has fit in so well and been so easy she's been put on the back burner to list while everything has been so busy with end of the meet. We put her first post track ride on her and she did not disappoint .. stood at the mounting block and acted like an old pro. Still obviously very left dominant but that is something that's fixed with riding. She has NO vices or behavioral issues. Load and travels well, stands in cross ties, good for the farrier. She IS amateur friendly. RRP Eligible!

Has been barefoot for 2+ months doing VERY well. She is just a kind, well behaved, patient, and good mannered girl!

She is safe!!

Please contact me through social media or email Apaulus1987@gmail.com DO NOT go through the website.

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