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Cat 2007 Mare 16'2hh+

1st ride in over 10 years

Burlington KY


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So ironically this mare was raced by my dad back in 2011 and went on to be a broodmare, then found her way back to me. My dad remembers her well and said she was always a kind and classy horse on the track that never put a foot out of place. She has been a great momma for over 10 years and is now looking to move on to her 3rd career after not getting in foal this year. This mare is a TANK, quite possibly the biggest TB mare I have ever encountered as far as frame and easily takes up way more leg than most 17hh+ horses. She has not had a saddle on in over 10 years and she stood patiently to be tacked, mounted, dismounted, and untacked. Just a phenomenal brain. She is sweet, she is incredibly classy, and she is an amateur friendly type.

When she came in she was a little hesitant of my free roaming animals (goat, pot bellies, sheep, mini) but quickly adjusted in a few hours. Can be turned out with mares or geldings.. she gets along with everyone, is not a bully, and minds her own business.

Easy keeper, barefoot, NO vices.

Would most likely be a GIANT asset to a lesson program and I think she would thoroughly enjoy all of the attention!

Don't let her age fool you, she is healthy and just in her prime!!

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