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Casper 11yo Gelding 16'1/16'2hh

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Shelbyville IN



JC name is "El Arquero" but we simply know him as Casper. Casper came to our barn over a year ago and he was just phenomenal to work with. He jumped everything, did what was asked of him and even taught newer jumpers the correct skills and instilled confidence. Fast forward a young girls parents bought him to LEARN on and was suppose to be under the guidance of a trainer. They did great in the beginning but she wss way too much of a beginner to be "training" on her own and unfortunately thats what happened. Casper was throw out in a feed and not fed properly.... A friend of mine picked him up and when i asked the family why they didnt contact me their response was "they didnt want to deal with it" .. Long story short, Casper got the short end of the stick and he deserves SO MUCH MORE. My friend took him to the track to feed him up and has started using him to pony so he has a job but he does not enjoy being back at thw track. He is just as sound as he was when he left my care but could still use some pounds.

Please see all fb links

Pics are both new and old.. The ones at the track are current condition.

Current video

We just want to see our boy doing what he is good at and what he enjoys! Price reflected is basically whats been put into his care

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