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Can't buy a Thrill 12yo Mare 16'2/16'3hh

Burlington KY


provide zip code for shipping quote

NO other pics or video available.

Thrill is lightly starting to look for her home... I said LIGHTLY because I really would love her to stick around. This may be the coolest and classiest mare that I have ever met in my life. She is so well behaved, smart, and kind.. totally unbothered by new places or anything going on around her. She's been a broodmare for years, but let's be honest... some mares are just too nice to only have babies. She loves the attention and learns so quick! Did I mention she has had phenomenal care during her life as a broodmare and has been so loved?!

Sound, no vices, no behavioral issues. Built like a brick house with the height to come with it and feet that resemble a draft. 100% COMFORTABLE barefoot and has been barefoot for some time. This mare is special, there is no other word to describe her and with training she is going to be a superstar, we are just scratching the surface!!

Please contact me by social media or email DO NOT message the website!

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