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Buff 2009 Gelding 17hh+

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping estimate

After Buffs racing career he retired as a family pet with his connections who occasionally took him on a trail ride (older couple) but mainly just spoiled him. Unfortunately both ended up sick in cases where they were in the hospital and not physically able to do anything for months and at that time I stepped in to help, I knew this horse was special and with some work I knew he would have potential to have a very long show career ahead!

We have put a lot of time into this guy, when I picked him up he needed a lot of weight bc he wasn't being cared for the way they had hoped their animals would be while they were down. He is a gem to ride with a very light mouth and responds best to seat and leg (he will not tolerate a heavy hand rider) one of the best natural movers to come through the barn and we have just started to scratch the first layer of what's to come. Great transitions, picks up can't from trot/walk/halt.. good downward transitions, bends well and is learning to stretch down and work long and low. He has start over very baby size jumps that he just trots over like a trot rail but we have mainly just put the flat foundation on him. He is very much an amateurs horse at this time if you know how to ride with your leg/seat. He does have a giant stride, it can be intimidating to a rider with less confidence, but this is his natural gait.

NO vices or behavioral issues.

Great ground manners, good in the stall, good for the farrier, good to load/trailer, good for the vet.. the list goes on.

We have noticed he gets along better with mares than geldings. He will get along with docile geldings but does not do well with very herd dominant ones. He is not a naturally aggressive horse but I guess bc he was the protector of his herd at his previous home for some time he feels threatened at overly dominant male horses. We have been able to mix a lot of horses in with him successfully, but there were certain ones he just didn't mesh with.

This horse is an amazing opportunity for someone that is dying to have something nice but doesn't have that 5 figure budget! His legs are clean, he has large bone, and he is all around a horse that's built to last and will have so many years to be successful.

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