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Brat 2019 COLT 15'1hh

Shelbyville IN


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Let me just start out by saying, I adore this colt. He is SO COOL... such a cute and kind guy with the best personality.

After his last gallop he came back a little off. Has been seen by a vet and has NO swelling or heat anywhere in his legs.. also nothing flexing off.... could be something as small as a stone bruise but I cannot guarentee that obviously. They were recommended to just turn him out for 30 days and bring him back, but due to his past record they really don't want to put that amount of time into him to bring him back to the track.

I firmly believe with a little turnout this horse will be just fine... I WISH I had a free stall and free time to take him on bc I really do think he is a cool horse and is going to be just fine.

NO vices or behavioral issues. Great ground manners ( a little mouthy when standing, he wants to play with the lead but that's about it)

He is a chunky boy... just absolutely adorable with good conformation and a nice naturally topline and butt!!

I am listing him as a rehab, even though I don't think there is much to rehab.. I just think he needs turnout.

He is worth the chance!

not going to geld for you before he leaves

NO other pics or video.

Email or message on social media. DO NOT message the website.

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