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Brad 2019 Gelding 15'3hh



Burlington KY


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Since retiring off the track Brad was given some down time bc he was body sore, we also worked on getting his feet in good shape. He has kind of been put on the back burner bc I needed a horse to turn out with a baby rehab that was going to be friendly and not hurt him. Brad being the solid citizen he is has stayed with him and buddied up. This guy can turnout with anyone, but he is low man on the totem pole and will let other horses beat him up and not fight back. Could easily be a kids horse with some more miles. He never puts a foot out of place or offers to do anything wrong. NOT spooky. No vices.

Most comfortable in front shoes (yes we have tried barefoot)

Laid back type, doesn't get high strung. Can go any direction or be an all around guy. Has not jumped, attempted one half rail and seemed willing to learn.

Just a super solid citizen that's easy to have in the barn and very deserving of his person!

NO other pics or video.

Email or message on social media. Do NOT message the website.

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