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Ox 2yo Gelding 17hh

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Burlington KY


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We have had Ox in the barn for a few months... when he came in he was scared of his own shadow, not people friendly, and just mentally VERY immature and flighty... We gave him time to adapt and to grow a bit with an older/more mature friend on 24 hr turnout and gradually brought him back in to a stall routine where he had to so things and be brave on his own. He really has surprised us and has turned into one of the most loving horses in the entire barn.. his trust is there but he does fees off of your confidence or your fear.... bc of this he will only go to a very educated home who is willing to go slow and steady and understands you cannot rush the mental maturity of a horse and it has to be at their pace. Today he followed me around the arena like a dog, that says a lot when you look back a few months ago to the horse that would turn to the back of the stall out of fear and kick if he thought he was in danger. This horse is NOT a mean horse, he truly doesnt have a mean bone in his body he just needs his person to help him along the way. Barefoot and comfortable, he is a relatively easy keeper all the way around. Hasnt had a ton of trailering experience, but what he has had he hasnt caused problems. Stands well for the farrier to be trimmed, I cannot vouch for shoes. Has no vices! He does have a small hernia on his belly, doesnt bother him or cause any discomfort. I dont know the story behind it.

IF I do not feel you are a good fit I will be upfront about it. This horse has the potential to be very special BUT if in hands that arent educated enough for him or confident enough I dont see it being a happy ending for either horse or rider.

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