• apaulus1987

Big Momma 15yo Mare 16'2hh

Burlington KY


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This gal has been a total gem since arriving. She is a massive boned mare with plenty of substance ... She has been a momma for YEARS and it's amazing how well she looks woth just starting to be back in work. She was at a larger breeding farm (great place) in a large broodmare herd... with that comes your typical being covered in burrs, hairy, and etc. Her tail was one giant bat and we are still working daily too get them out a little at a time without pulling her beautiful tail out. When you see her age I know it probably makes a few people want to scroll on, BUT, this mare has tons of years in her. She is sound sound sound.. super clean, and she's an insanelg easy keeper. Has been barefoot for years with wonderful feet too! Trailers well, acclimates to new areas flawlessly, and has turned out well with both mares and geldings. Beautiffulllllllllllll movement... there is so much potential there. Her first ride back she acted like she hasnt had years off from standing at the mounting block to bending 20m circles.

SHE CANNOT HAVE ANY MORE FOALS AND THIS WILL BE IN HER CONTRACT. While having her 2020 foal she tore a ligament in her belly, it's healed, absolutely no limitations for riding... breeding is not recommended again.

She seems to really love having a job and is so easy to work around. Has had a few rides back, all being perfect and carrying herself beautiful. I am currently 5 months pregnant and not riding, I do not have anyone helping me ride full time at the moment but hopefully will soon.

I do NOT have riding video available, but if/when I do it will be directly in the ad.

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