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Big Kick 11yo Gelding 16'3hh




Kick is one of the coolest horses and I am sure if he could talk he would have tons of stories to tell. In 70 starts he earned over 430k and it is amazing how well he took care of himself and how clean his legs visibly are! This guy is HUGE, both tall and wide with impeccable manners. The best description I can give is he is a giant teddy bear that just loves attenton and affection.... and he will search for the occasional treat! I had no intention on him leaving my barn right away (i thought long and hard about RRP 2020 with him) but in reality with a 1yr old and as busy as I stay I do not need another horse when I am already bringing along a very talented youngster that is everything I could ask for.

He has had 2 post track rides, both were phenomenal and he was so willing from standing at the mounting block, smooth transitions, to listening and learning the aids thag were asked. MY PLAN was to see what we had and then turn him out for a month bc lete be honest, this horse has earned time to be turned out and be a horse and just enjoy himself. He is very sound but it is easy to see in the video that his body is a little toght, this is to be expected being a racehorse for so long and another reason he deserves some turnout. He is finding a home under those conditions with that understanding! No vices, No behavioral issues. He is just as quiet in his stall as he is out of his stall. He moves to new places and settles in like he has been there his whole life.

Right lead canter is wonderful. Great bend, he can easily adjust in a small circle... left is harder for him and needs workand bending. All racehorses have a dominant direction.

Pics and video

First ride

Second ride

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