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Besides 6yo 16hh $1600

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Burlington KY


Besides is a really cool horse .. and I mean it when I say REALLY cool. He has tons of athletic ability and get up and go if asked but is a gentle type and an old soul. He is handy, honestly, and totally unbothered by his surroundings. Well loved with winters off through his racing career, he only retired bc he was not competitive enough to continue to keep in training. This guy could go in so many different directions from barrel racing, jumpers, or a promising even horse! Very easy to be around, easy to handle and easy to love! Excuse the videos (it was every bit of 100) and I do plan to get more when it cools off a bit! This funny guy continuously jumped the barrels in the arena all on his own (and he did a pretty good job with lovely form) I dont think there will ever be too much that is thrown at him that he will take a second look at.

This is a guy I am actually pretty excited to start and see where he goes. His price will go up with training (as it should)





First ride



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