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Baccala 4yo Gelding 16'1/16'2hh

Burlington KY


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This guy has all the tools to be an incredibly fancy hunter, you just have to finish putting together the pieces.

He is unraced, didn't even make it through training, honestly he thinks he is speed racer but runs more like a 4 cylinder.

He IS NOT your first restart. He IS NOT your amateur ride. Baccala came in very green both on the ground and under saddle. On the ground he had no personal space or manners, that has been corrected and he is quite the gentleman... he even ponies out to the far back fields at the farm on our cart.

Undersaddle he was extremely green and didn't really even understand the concept of steering. I would still call him green but he has all the basic concepts of hands, legs, pressure, bending, and what's being asked. That being said WE HAVE NOT WORKED ON HIS CANTER UNDER SADDLE YET. We feel it's very important to get him going right rather than rushing him along bc he does have so much unlocked potential. Steering, bending, trotting forward, contact, listening to yoir seat... these have all been focused on. I did include a video of his canter on the ground to give you a basic idea.

Needs to go to someone that is familiar with green horses. He is awesome, he has an awesome personality, he is playful and he is kind .. he has caused NO problems in our barn... but at the end of the day he is a bit immature and he will 100% take advantage of someone that isn't honest with themselves about their skill level and as the old saying "bad habits die hard" meaning he will likely redevelop naughtiness.

No he doesn't have behavior issues, no he isn't in pain. He is simple green.

He is stunning, an easy keeper, no vices, and he has FANTASTIC FEET even though they look chipped up bc we seem to be going through a drought and are ground is about as hard as concrete.

Pretty sure he has always been barefoot.

NO other pics or video

Please email or message on social media. Do NOT message the website.

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