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After Hours 7yo Gelding 16hh

Burlington KY


This handsome guy has spent a few months with us and has learned to love and enjoy farm life. He came in very high strung only wanting a job and it has been wonferful watching him transform into a horse just enjoying life, playing, and having fun. He made close to 125k on the track and earlier this year his ankles started bothering him. He was xrayed and found chops in his ankles OUTSIDE the joints. He jogged and galloped sound but when it came to breezing to get ready for a race (or actual racing) it was too much for him and he came up sore. When horses are in race training they have no time to allow things like this to set. Being outside the joint I do believe they WILL set and he will have a lower level career, I also think he will be a great all around type. He needs some time and turnout, nothing else!

Has no vices, he will follow you around like a puppy, great manners on the ground and just an awesome horse to be around. These chips are NOT new or something that just appeared, he likely made most of his money with them but as with anything getting older and the fast pace of the racing world likely just caught uo with him.

He was taken in as one of our Non Profit horses and we have out a lot of time into him to make sure he has an easy transition to a new life.

References are required. Must have a current vet.

Xrays are in the pic link to biew for yourself or with your vet.

He is a sweetie and deserves a loving person!

Pics and Video

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