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Nixa 2020 Filly 15'3hh



Shelbyville IN


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This is a lovely young filly with low starts. She is incredibly kind and has the best personality... could easily be an amateur type horse. Lip chain is NOT necessary on her but bc she raced today was just a precaution.

If you've looked through her photos you'll notice there is a scar on her knee. She tried to jump the fence as a yearling and failed miserably..... resulting in a giant skin flap that had to be sewn back on. This was NOT BONE RELATED. Joint was tapped to make sure it was clean before it was sewn obviously just as a precaution.

Purely cosmetic. Doesn't effect her movement or soundness but not much you can do about the appearance.

Anyway.... she's a good minded, kind hearted soul. Polite and quiet... just the kind of horse that is pleasant to be around.

No Vices and No soundness issues.

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