• apaulus1987

Feisty Rubiano 9yo Gelding 16'3hh

Crittenden KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*




This guy has had a bit of a hard life I believe over the years.. however, he is still very sweet and kind. Last race a few weeks ago resulted in a DNF after another horse clipped his heels and he went down on the track.. was untacked and walked back but the fall did bother his VERY OLD TWO BOWED TENDONS and caused a little heat. I do not believe they are rebowed as they feel very set but they are large and they are ugly. He is sound and comfortable but is Definitley going to need a flat type home. Fee its only to cover his farm care BC the owner already owes board at the farm and cannot pay it.

Needs a soft landing ASAP.

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