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Corey 2015 Gelding 15'2/15'3hh



Cincinnati OH


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Corey is a good hearted and easy going gelding that doesn't really get bent out of shape over much. He was bred, raised, raced and retired to his owners farm.. it's the only place he knows and they treat all of their horses like they're family. As they're getting older it's just becoming too much work with all the horses they've retired and let sit at the farm as pasture pets. They want to see them loved and cared for thriving in a second career and getting plenty of attention. Good homes are the most important thing to them!

Amateur friendly type. NO behavioral issues or vices.

He has been out to pasture for the most part since retiring... it is muddy here (obviously his pics are muddy) he has been an easier keeper and has been barefoot. Gets along well in a herd but has no problem being alone.

I did the vest with videos that I could with what I was given. The gentleman has a knee replacement and cannot jog and the fields were too muddy.

NO other pics or video

Email or message on social media. Do NOT message the website.

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