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Calika 6yo Mare 16'1hh

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

This mare is going to be the real deal for someone! She naturally has a presence about her that continues to shine with every new ride. Loves to work and is a horse that never says "no". She's had a great flat foundation put on her and is just learning to jump. Today was the first day she saw a vertical, along with the first day shes attempted a course. Honest to the jumps and really works hard to try to figure out the " right " thing to do. Not marish at all, I personally am not anmare person and would own this one any day of the week. She is THICK.... takes up a ton of leg and seems much bigger than your average 16'1.

NO vices or behavioral issues.

Has been in weekly lessons. She's a horse that requires steady body language... example: if you're posting quick shes going to trot around fast a choppy. 100% listens to your seat. I really think in the right program she is going to go places!

Level headed/easy going but can be hot if asked to be.. Bc of this she is not a candidate for a first restart.

Price will increase with training. NOT negotiable.

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