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Whiz 2014 Gelding 14'3hh

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Reduced to 2200***



Burlington KY


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It's really bothering me to list this guy as I bought him for myself for my birthday and was so excited to have him.

He is far more green than advertised and I just don't have the time for a project. I bought him bc I wanted a horse I could put a buddy saddle on next year for my youngest while ponying with my other 5yr old daughter on trails, something I could just hop on occasionally out of the field that would be level headed and know it's job and I could just enjoy amongst all the chaos of constantly having a full barn of projects coming and going. He is not going to be that horse.

I will be as truthful and forthcoming as possible. He has training, you can see aspects of that training but there are plenty of holes in it too so he is a project. He is shy at first to new people but warmed up to me same day with a few treats and has been very personal since.

This is not your child's next horse so don't buy him with that in mind unless you plan on putting a lot of time in.

He needs a very assertive rider as he can be a bully, basically when he feels like he has done enough he says he is done... when you say "you're not done yet" you need to have confidence behind that and make him finish out.

I wouldn't consider him spooky. He may look at a few things but he goes over and around anything without any care. He actually was way better on the trail ride he went on than in the arena so I don't think he's had a ton of arena work.

He has no vices but again, can have a little attitude. He needs to be in a program with consistency, not my trail horse I pull out of the field occasionally and enjoy with my young children on me "off" time.

Turns out well with other horses and is bottom of the pecking order.

Extremely easy keeper. Barefoot, idk if he's ever had shoes but I'm going to say not.

He is a little leery of the farrier but we get through his feet with patience and no tranq or etc.

Ties like a pro, cross ties like a pro.

All the potential in the world is there. He didn't bat an eye when I threw a tarp over him and started lunging him, but AGAIN, u have 30 or more projects in my barn and just wanted a horse I could pull out of the field and enjoy with my kids... not another project. I cannot reiterate that enough.

I was told he knows how to drive. I have no idea if that's true. I've never driven, don't own a cart, I'm not gonna a try. He does long line okay so I would suppose the two kind of go together.

Will be best suited in a program ridden consistently (like 4 or 5 days a week)

Please contact me for more info. I have NO history of his past.. if I did I would have known he wasn't right for what I needed, however he has been with me long enough I can honestly answer questions about where he is at and what kind of person he needs.

Just trying to recoup my expenses, not make a profit... and hopefully find that dead broke horse I can tote my Littles around with.

I do not have a lot of riding video as I had no intention on selling him but as I get more when I have time it will be posted in the ad.

Email or message on social media.

Do NOT message the website.

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