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Victor 6yo Gelding 16'1hh+

Burlington KY


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Victor is one of the most versatile horses I have ever met. He has been with us almost a year and there is really nothing he hasnt done. Trail obstacle clinics, cow work, Mounted shooting clinics all off property.... Weekend camping trail rides, dressage lessons, and he has started to dabble in jumping (which he is taking to naturally)

He carries himself beautifully and is a TRUE amateur friendly ride without a mean bone in his body. Gets along with any and all other horses, I have used him multiple times as a babysitter for my personal horses along with new VERY HOT racehorses that come off the track and need a quiet, confident, and kind horse to adjust to farm life... You never have to worry about him hurting them. Throw a kid on him for leadline, teach lessons.. whatever you want. Ride shown above was after him being in for almost two weeks bc our pastures are mud up past the ankles... as you can see he is still a very easy and agreeable horse. Stays fat off air and maintains a simple diet, likes his stall but equally likes being outside just as much. ABSOLUTELY NO VICES and has no soundness issues. Has been barefoot with absolutely no issues and has very good feet (due for a trim and is on the list)

Will be going to a show later in March if not sold before ... his price will continue to increase. Jumping HAS NOT been his focus, but it's recently something being introduced and again something he has taken on with a very willing/easy attitude.

He is a tank of a horse.. someone 5'2 can fit him equally to someone 5'10.

His price will continue to increase.

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