• apaulus1987

Unscathed 8yo Gelding 17'2hh

Burlington KY


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Unscathed retired back in April and he was picked up (by me) in June. He did not go into retirement well and was thrown out on pasture where he went down to a body score of probably a 2. He is NOT a horsr that can live outside 24 hrs a day.. he is also not a horse that can go without front shoes but is okay without back shoes. We have spent a lot of time fattening him up and building the muscle back up and he looks fabulous at this point. I had no plans on selling him without finishing him out with all the time already put in BUT unfortunately life happens and one of my personal horses had colic surgery and we eventually lost him leaving a rather large bill. I do think he still needs some chiro work and bc he is an older Racehorse will do best on either pentosan or adequan (my opinion) No vices! When he wss skinny he had no attitude but now with the good weight and the cold temps he does occasionally pin his ears and act like he will bite. I have ZERO issues handling this horse but it is a full disclosure that with his huge size and the fact he can looks mean at times he probably isnt for someone easily intimidated. I will also say he has always been very loving, easy to work around, loves attention, easy to tie/walk/load/trailer and everything else. Gets along with other horses, both mares and geldings.

Im sure youve noticed he has a very short tail. When he came in his tail was only his tail bone so IT IS growing slow and steady with great nutrition. I cant say it will ever be long and gorgeous but it IS growing.

I have very limited riding video bc I had no intention on selling right now.

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