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Top hat Conspiracy 4yo INTACT 16'1hh

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Current EQUINE VET reference required.

This guy is one of my favorites in the barn for multiple reasons.. First off, he is beautiful... But that is obvious! He has been with us for close to 7-8 months and in my personal opinion there is nothing more classy than a intact horse that doesnt act like he is. Connor is in an open stall set up when he has gelding friends.. He gets turned out with on average 8 or so geldings and has never caused a problem, in fact he is low man on the totem pole and just follows suit with the herd. He is a horse that has a very gentle soul and needs very little reprimanding to make a big impact... The only studdiah behavior he occasionally has is he is nippy sometimes, it isnt in a vicious way but a playful way.

Shortly after arriving we noticed both his hind feet had white line so we dug it out... He has since just been growing his feet back to normal and being a horse.

Connor does have a screw in his ankle which is why he is unraced. He came out of training with the screw already there and rehabbed, so this is not something new. He has never been lame. I CHOSE to keep im a stud bc of his demeanor and his potential to make some phenomenal sport horse babies (obviously I will only rehome him for breeding to someone responsible) He can be gelded but will need to be dome on your own property. No vices!

Would be a stunning dressage prospect!!!!

Though he is very well behaved he will only be rehomed to an educated horseman.

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