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Swifty Sam 4yo Gelding 16'2/16'3hh

Burlington KY




Sam is a really cool guy that has been at the barn for a few weeks... He has tried his luck at racing and just was "okay" but not really good enough to pay for himself to be there. He is a SWEET horse that loves people and loves attention... Probably would do phenomenal in a home with someone that wants that friendship with their horse and wants to spoil them bc thats just the kind of horse Sam is. He is very laid back and has not looked at or cared about one thing while at the farm... We have started transitioning him to a herd and he is again, very "go with the flow" and gets along with anyone. He is a tall and lanky type still growing into himself but I am fully confident once this guy gains the pounds and packs on the muscle he will be a head turner! Retiring with absolutely no soundness issues that we are aware of and has had no behavioral issues. I trailered this guy myself and he was a gem.

Full disclosure - he did weave at the track and he did weave at the farm a few days. His weaving has never been complusive or stressful where he is sweating and high strung. Since being at the farm and getting turned out and on a new routine it has went away i would say 80% in a very short time so im hopeful it will subside completely but will not guarentee it.

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