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Strutt 2019 Gelding 16hh+



Burlington KY


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Let me just start out by saying.. this is the most perfect horse out there in every single way. You want a horse you can hack out alone.. him. You want one your kid can groom and bath without ever worrying.. him. What about if you're like me and you cross tie a horse then end up off track doing 29363 things, he will be waiting there for you quiet as can be until you get back. Your kid wants to cool him out? What about they want to learn walk trot on the lunge? Yes, he will do all of that.

Strutt has lovely movement and would be a great dressage prospect. Could be a hill topper for someone wanting a non spooky mount that wants to go have fun, trail horse, all around guy, family horse.

Not selling him for jumping (not that he couldn't bc he has just fine)

Xray showed his front ankle has fused so this is just me trying to find him the best possible fit. MULTIPLE highly educated vets have looked at this xray alongside his soundness in full work and it's been agreed he definitely has plenty of options.

I've known this horse since he came to the track in training, he never was unsound just lacked the ability to go fast. We've come to the conclusion he did something as a tiny baby (no scar) and his ankle just remodeled and grew this way making it his "normal "

As I said, this horse trained sound, he went into full work with us and stayed sound. This was actually found by surprise and I would have never in a million years thought it was there considering his ankles are cold and tight... just one of those random things.

Deserves the absolute best bc he is the best guy. Biggest heart, sweetest personality, and he will steal your heart in a matter of minutes.

Turns out in a herd or alone, he really doesn't care. NO vices or behavioral issues. I cannot reiterate enough, he IS a perfect gentleman that bothers no one.

If you're looking to ride perfect xrays and think horses have to have them to be sound, this isn't your horse.... if you know horses can have horrendous xray yet be extremely sound their entire life, he may just be the horse for you!

I will be very selective on where he goes, this horse is incredibly special to me.

A good vet reference is required!

NO other pics or video

Email or message on social media. Do NOT message the website.

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