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Strutt 2019 COLT 16hh

Burlington KY


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Let me just start by saying, I love this horse. I want to keep him and never let him go, and if my daughter was older than 4 I wouldn't likely gift him to her. He is THAT GOOD of a horse.

Unraced and spent his 3year old year rehabbing from a bow. Rehabbed great and his leg is clean, cold, and tight with no limitations. He is still intact but I will happily geld him for someone. The only reason he hasn't been gelded is because he can be turned out in an entire herd of geldings with no issue, in a field right next to mares and could care less. He truly could care less. This horse probably has the best brain I have ever seen on a horse, even through rehab he was a Saint that never put a foot out of place while on stall rest. He is stout, originally I thought he was going to be small and Stocky, but, he has shot up about 2inches in 6 months and is still growing. Gentle, good manners, does not spook at anything! Ride him anywhere, take him anywhere... ride him once a month or 5 times a week HE IS ALWAYS THE EXACT SAME HORSE.

NO vices. Very easy keeper. Barefoot a comfortable! Anyone can ride him.

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