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Stolypin 6yo Gelding 16'1hh

Burlington KY



Stoly came to play at the farm until he finds his person and he is so incredibly sweet. From track to the trailer.. straight into an arena he has never seen and he really didnt care about anything (including the small animal that free roam in the aisles) He has good manners and is overall pretty easy going. He is a big softy and prefers to be handled gently and loved on, I think someone that has a bit more stern training methods may intimidate his kind little self.

He is incredibly fancy with a trot to die for. Does have an old high bow. It is completley set and you will not find an ounce of heat anywhere. No behavioral issues, no vices, and from what ive seen he plays well with other ponies.

He needs his feet done but he literally just came in and we have not got that far yet.

Overall a super guy that could be one heck of an event horse and potentially get great dressage scores. I didnt have help with a holder, but as you can see he ties well.

Raced through the end of the meet and moved into Turfway for the winter meet. Actively trained but has not raced since lice racing stsrted about a month ago.

Pics and video

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