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Shine 7yo Gelding 17'2hh

Cincinnati OH


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Bred, born, raised and raced by the same connections. This guy is HUGE. Spends a lot of the time at the farm bc he seems to be happier there and keep on more weight. Owner has had a rough last 2 years dealing with illness and losing her spouse and shes wanting to down size. He just doesnt want to be a racehorse anymore and she isnt going to force him. Now bad habits and retiring sound. He has lived a pretty easy life. Prefers someone with a gentle hand and patience. Sometimes he does not realize how big he is and he does NOT react well to people that are overly dominant to him... Patience will get you a long way of learning something new and he does not understand. Not for an intermediate amateur but could be handled by a confident and educated amateur, he can be a lot of horse and when you factor in his size it can be intimidating. Will fill out lovely off the track, right now he is on the slimmer side.

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