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Rosie 5yo mare 15'2/15'3hh

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Rosie has been with us for about 60 days. A lot of that time was spent coming down and just learning to be a horse bc she came in a bit sensitive.

Rosie has become one of the easiest horses in the barn with a wonderful/sweet personality. She has impeccable manners, loves turnout, and loves to learn. She thoroughly enjoys her undersaddle time and picks up what is being asked very quickly.

4 post track rides thus far (we have rode her in the neck stretcher bc she was naturally carrying herself hollow backed with her head high.. This is a great aide that doesnt FORCE a horse into a position if used correctly)

Currently barefoot and on turnout with one gelding.. has been turned out with a mare too. Ties, loads, trailers well.

If you want a horse that has ZERO spook and looks at nothing, shes your girl. This mare literally looks at nothing... ever! Correctly movement and she really does have SO much potential. A horse is either willing or not, you cant force them into it and she's one that is so willing. I think she is going to LOVE to jump and be very good at it.

Full disclosure :

She does crib. I do not have a collar on her bc fortunately my set up has very few places to crib.

Mild very small and cold osselets that do not bother her at all.

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