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Rattle my Chain 5yo Gelding 15'3hh




STUNNING BOY. He has been well taken care if and it shows. The weather was around 9degrees and everything was frozen so we made the absolute best of the situation that we could. Please keep in mind the meet is over and horses arent training so right now they DO have a lot of energy. This guys owner has 2 small kids that play with him. He is a well behaved, respectful, kind guy and i think he will make a heck if an off track prospect that can go in so many directions. He does have a small osselet, its been there over a year.. it's cold and set. Those familiar with osselets do know they typically do not effect performance. He is retiring sound!

Mild cribber, doesnt wear a collar but will grab his bucket at feed time.

Pics and video

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