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Phillyata 6yr old Mare 15'2/15'3

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Scottsburg IN


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Redoing listing 💥

This mare was born and raised on her farm. She is special to her family as she was a bottle baby... she was raised as more of a pet than anything. Got a late start just due to life happening for them, nothing to do with the horse. She didnt make it to the track until this year to get her gate card and unfortunately it wasnt in time to run at the Belterra meet so they would have to wait until next year to run on the dirt or ship far away this winter. With her and and never being to the races it isnt really something they want to do... it's always harder to start horses later on the track against the youngsters, especially smaller ones. She is so personable and friendly. Great manners, no vices, easy keeper. She basically loads and unloads by herself and travels well. Not spooky in any way. Amateur friendly!

I think she will be a fun little project.

Trailered in for pics and videos and went home. As hard as I tried I could not keep her cantering by myself. Whats in the video is what i have.

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