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Overjoy 4yo Gelding 15'1hh

Burlington KY


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Known as Chip at the farm, this guy has personality galore. He is always good for a smile, a laugh, or a snuggle. Always wants your undivided attention and is naturally one of the happiest horses I have ever met. He is small but he is THICK, not fine. No vices or behavioral issues. He is a more feel good type with more go than whoa so when considering him know that he is a horse that wants a job and to be in some kind of work.. not to sit in a field and get one or 2 rides a month. Retired in August due to a TINY hairline in the RF knee. 90 days off and he could go back to racing, connections wanted to go ahead and retire, rehab, and allow him to do something else. Recently taken to the clinic where he was xrayed and COMPLETELY CLEAR to be back in work!

This horse is beautiful. He has the looks, the personality, and he is a bold and curious type.. not the type to spook and run. He is so much fun and can only hope to find him someone to match that energy.

Has been barefoot through his rehab with NO issues.

Please contact me by social media or email DO NOT message the website.

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