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NY Finest 2014 Gelding 15'2hh

Burlington KY


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This horse is ALL CLASS and has had a fantastic career with almost 400k in earnings. He just raced 2 weeks ago and has retired 100% sound with legs that are cleaner than most young horses.

He loved his job as a racehorse and is only moving on to a new career bc of his age, his connections wanted to retire him and ensure he had a long and bright future.

Started his down time and has been a polite, kind, and quiet individual.... he is taking in all the new sights with his newly found freedom and loving every minute of it.

Very personable, loves attention, and will walk right up to you in turn out.

He has NO vices.

This horse will NOT be happy thrown in a field and rode a few times a month, he thrives having a job and a purpose and he is very sound.. I don't see him having ANY limitations in any direction.

Not your first restart, and not a horse for someone that isn't confident.

Though he is not huge, he has a ton of power and he will be best paired with someone who loves a powerful and strong horse.

He isn't spooky, he has good manners, and he is sensitive at heart (meaning if he does something a small reprimand goes a very long way and that's all he needs)

A gentle hand that wants to take their time is going to be his best partner. I also feel like in the right hands this horse will jump the moon!

NO other pics or video

Please contact me by social media or email DO NOT message the website.

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