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Miss Emmas Song 5yo Mare 17/17'1hh

Florence KY


* provide zip code for shipping quote*

Big mare with SOLID bone and big movement ... Man does this mare have big movement! He worst trait is she is pushy when she gets wound up and being so big sometimes it is a little tough, but nothing that cannot be corrected. She cribs, only a feet time.. Does not sit and crib all day and doesnt wear a collar, but no reason she cant. A very confident amateur rider can bring her along, I am bit hesitant saying Amateur just bc she can be a bit of a brout so you need experience, otherwisr youll probably be intimidated. She is a sweet mare with a good attitude and once all her ducks are in a row with manners will be a stellar sport horse!

She is 6, getting use to 2021.. Sorry guys!!

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1 Comment

Jan 16, 2021

Hi can someone get in touch with me about miss Emma’s song?

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