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Magic 2021 COLT 15'3hh

Paris KY


provide zip code for shipping estimate

This colt is still young but has a pretty good disposition and manners. He is a chunky/solid guy.. I don't think he will grow much more but I do think he will continue to fill out. Retiring with only one race... owner has decided after training him and one race he is not going to be competitive and he simply has too many horses and needs to weed out the ones that are not going to make money racing.

No Soundness issues. No behavioral issues. No vices.

Was at the track but was taken home to the farm in Paris to make room for other young horses coming in. He will stay there and start his down time while waiting for his person.

If you want him gelded it must be done after he gets to you.

NO other pics or video

Please email or message by social media, do not message the website.

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