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Lucy 2018 mare 16'1hh

Cincinnati OH


provide zip code for shipping estimate

Lucy is overall a pretty docile and laid back mare with good manners. She has ran through most of her race conditions leaving her very little options to run places where she can make money. She is a solid girl and will fill out a ton off the track. Good to ride and good to handle.

She will grab her feed tub and crib when eating, but does not crib at any other time and does not wear a collar.

Flashy, tons of chrome.

A little tight and could probably use a week of turnout but thats pretty normal for these guys.

Retiring with very clean and cold legs!

Can go in any direction.

NO other pics or video

Email or message on social media. DO NOT message the website.

*no calls

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Montana Hunter
Jul 18, 2023

Email sent 🐎

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