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Lolly 4yo Filly 15hh




Unraced filly that has been through training. She has spent her time in South FL at Gulfstrean and was laid up originally for a bow. This bow is tiny!!! It's cold and set and she is 100% sound. Upon going back into training it was pretty apparent she was NOT going to make it as a competitive racehorse and there was no reason to push any further. Shes acclimated well to farm life and enjoys it. She is a really bold filly that has not spooked at anything since day one. Kind, brave, and well mannered! Her first ride she did everything asked of her without knowing what we wanted. I can only imagine how well she will respond with time and training.

She has NO behavioral issues or vices. Does suck on her tongue but we never saw her doing it while under tack (I cannot guarentee she never will but in our experience it was not an issue)

Currently barefoot. Gets along well wkth other horses.. Loves water!

She does NOT has a registered name and is not tattooed.. We simply know her as Lolly.

Pics and video

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