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Lil High Heel Boot 4yo Filly 16'2hh+





Boots needs a special type of person... Someone who is KNOWLEDGEABLE, and can provide trust and training without pushing too fast and too hard. She is UNRACED. Has been in training but has made it obvious she does not want anything to do with the track. The commotion of morning training and the races during the day has just proved to be too much for her. Full disclosure - She has reared when being taken to the track for Training. The positives are I think there is a great horse in there with tons of talent to do something else. I think she is going to be a ome person horse and is really going to grow and mature from trust from her partner. This is not an Amateur horse and I want to make that clear... She 100% needs someone that not only understands the breed thoroughly but has successfully been developing them. I get her video looks like she is a kick along horse that cares about nothing but she does have some things to work through. They may never be an issue agakn off the track.

Owner may be slightly negotiable.. She has to be moved fairly quick.

No soundness issues and no vices

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