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He's Stylish 5yo Intact 16'3hh




Style is a beautiful big guy with tons of chrome. He raced 10 times with a combined 120k in earnings. His last race at the end of September he came back to the barn unusual and it was found out that he had a minor fracture to his sesamoid. Styles connects have done right by him every step of the way from a proper rehab to updated Xrays. The last set of xrays can be found in tbe pic link from the beginning of February. Style has graduated from stall rest and has enjoyed turnout for the past few months, he would love a 24hr turnout situation to finish up hos last 30 days but is perfectly content with any turnout. He is obsessed with my mini (not in a studdish way) and gets along and has been turned out with other geldings with no issue. He is also in an open stall where he can nose with his next door neighbor who is a gelding. Overall he is very well behaved and easy to be around but he is large and he is intact so he is not for someone that does not have any education of racehorses. Overall a very easy keeper and has been the perfect patient for a duccessful rehab. Recommened another 30 days and then a few xrays to ensure that fracture has calcified in all the way. No vices or bad habits!

He is over at the knee, if youre not familiar with it this is his conformation, it's how he was born and how he will always be.

Pics and video

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