• apaulus1987

Hardened 6yo Intact Male 16hh

Florence KY




On the shorter side but pretty stocky. He is and intact male and will be leaving the track this way but can quickly and easily become a gelding at someone's farm. From what i see of him at the track he is pretty respectful in close quarters with other horses (no excessive screaming, pawning, snorting, etc) kind of just minds his own business and goes out and does his job. He may occasionally give the little stud horse nip or want to grab your sweatshirt but he is far from what i would ever consider viscous. In 33 races he's made close to 120k and has been a decently successful racehorse that is just getting a bit older and is having trouble finding races that he can fit in and be competitive. Retiring sound.

Please ignore the dip in the road that he was jogging over and looks like he is taking an awkward step. There isnt much i can so about the pot holes.

Pics and video



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