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Flower 2020 16'2hh



Shelbyville IN


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This filly is going to be lovely when she fills out and matures. She is tall but a more athletic frame. She does NOT like the track environment and does not keep weight on the track. The environment in general just makes her nervous.

She's very sweet, well mannered, and wants to please. Doesn't have a mean bone in her body. I do think she needs to have some down time, mature a bit, and gain some weight while learning to be a horse.... is this necessary, no. Is it probably in the best interest of you having the best future partner, yes.

Fantastic mover. She has so much potential in her natural movement, I think she's going to be so fancy when she learns to put it to use!

No vices or soundness issues and no behavioral issues.

16'2 at the wither but I would say in all she's a little smaller.... she WILL continue to grow and is going through a spurt now.

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