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  • apaulus1987

Fetching Gold 4yo Gelding 15'2hh




This little guy is the cutest! He has so much personality and heart, it is easy to fall in love with. A little short and stocky guy (but dont ever tell him that) he has had 16 starts and has given it his all! He has a pair of OLD, I repeat O-L-D (as in not new) set osselets. They arent the prettiedt things but he is 100% sound on them. He has raced in the conditions that fit him best to he competitive and really has no where else to go, this is the only reason he is looking for a new home. He has some spunk but can easi lmk y be brought along by an amateur. I do think he enjoys having a job and loves all the attention he can get!

Pics and video

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