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Everyday Ice

Updated: Jul 28

I rehomed this filly back in 2019 at Turfway. Though she was a bit forward on the track and wasnt the easiest ride she had no bad behavior making her dangerous.

The person that bought her from me originally made themselves sound a little more capable than they were and that is where I believe the behavioral issues came into play. Fast forward she made some comments about kill pens and other things and someone in the community scooped her up. She has been vetted and has no red flags anywhere for soundness (including kissing spine) she has had breakthrough rides but also has shown behavior where she rears and bucks and this person is not comfortable at her level of riding to deal with things like that.

I have NO idea where this came from but at this point physical pain is ruled out. We are looking for a home with someone that specializes in problem horses, as I know there are people out there that have a wonderful gift to work with them.

This mare is lovely, shes around 17hh and if she can get down the right path I think she will have a bright future.

Ftgh!!!! If you dont have professional references backing your abikity to work with problem horses please do not waste our time or yours. You will not be considered

Will be homed under my contract.

Contact Amanda for any other info


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