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Emma Devine 3yo Filly 15'1hh

Burlington KY


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No other pics and video available!

Emma is an absolute delite to have in the barn. She is kind, quiet and polite around horses, humans, and all the random barn critters. Turns out with other horses and is more of a follower that just goes with the flow, not the horse thats ever going to start a fight. She did come in a little thinner than what I woulf have liked so we gave her time tl be a horse, put on weight, and just relax. Easy to ride, stands to be mounted, and wants to please. She is still very left dominant with her bending and leads from the track, but does try to understand what youre asking. She IS RRP eligible, and has NO vices, behavior, or soundness issues! She is missing her front shoes in the pictures, we got rain for the first time in a long time and honestly she played herself right out of them in the mud. She is on the farrier list to be reset BUT we have noticed she is more than comfortable barefoot and has very good feet.

Once she gets everything together she is going to be a cool little girl.

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