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Devilinthebottle 3yo Gelding 15'3hh+

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Devin is an absolute angel to have in the barn. He is quiet as they come and sweet, sweet, sweeeeet! Well taken care of and comes from wonderful connections that love to ensure their horses have aftercare. He is a bit of a lazy and laid back fella, never the horse that is going to take ahold of the bit and run off with you. No spook, really just goes with the flow anywhere and is matured well beyond his years. He has a handful of post track rides and as you can see by the videos he is very amateur friendly. Does have a small cyst (see pics) its been there his whole life and doesnt bother him, however if it bothers you then its easily removeable.

Was supposedly a cribber at the track but he has not cribbed at the farm and does not wear a collar (and yes he has options to crib on)

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Sammie Nigh
Sammie Nigh

Very interested!!! Shipping to 36029 please!!

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