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Corporal Cat 5yo Gelding 16'1hh





Let me just start by saying, I love this horse! They just dont come any better than him. It is a RARE occasion when a horse comes along that is truly an angel, and that is him. He is a people pleaser both on the ground and under saddle. He is always wanting to cuddle and be messed with when youre in his stall.. he is gentle enough that my 17 month old stands in front of his stall and he drops his head and just lets her sit and pet his nose.... no vices, no bad habits! Legs are very clean and he has the willing attitude to literally be ANYTHING you want him to be. Today we pulled him out of the stall and realized his raceplates fell off (it's okay he is due to be shod and is on schedule this week) we decided to go ahead and put his first ride on him anyway and see how he was barefoot and to be totally honest he was pretty darn comfortable! This horse doesnt say no, it doesnt matter what you ask he will figure it out and he will do whatever he can to please you. I can only hope patient he ends up in the patient hands he deserves that will teach him eveeything right bc horses like this that always say "yes" do not come around often. He deserves the best home and future, i adore this guy so much.

100% and amateur ride whether youre a cautious ammy or a solid ammy. He could easily be a lesson horse after probably 30 days. Solid guy with a bright future!

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