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Charismatic 2020 Filly 16/16'1hh



Burlington KY


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I listed this filly at the track in June and then she was taken home and turned out... recently was just brought to my farm to be cleaned up and listed for sale bc they have decided they are not going to keep trying to run her. This mare is so sweet, so kind, and so respectful. She gets along with other horses and minds her own business (definitely low on the totem pole)

Though I would like to see more weight on her, she is filling out quickly and I have no doubt she will blossom.

Mature for her age, not spooky, and just an all around good young horse..... she did not like the track at all, her disposition is totally different off track and I have no doubt she will enjoy learning something new.

Retiring sound.

NO vices.

Brand new shoes just put on.

Has not had any post track rides at this time.

NO other pics or video.

Email or direct message on social media. Do NOT message the website.

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