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Cari's Song 10yo mare 16'1hh

Burlington KY


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This mare came in a few months ago and I instantly just loved her bc of her kind disposition. She was with an older couple that have both went through major health issues putting them in the hospital and unable to take care of their horses like they normally would but they are wonderful people and wanted to do right by them. This mare has had several babies (I believe 3) one 2yr old in training and a yearling i was able to meet, and to no surprise they also were very sweet and sensible like her. We have mainly focused on putting weight on her. Today was her FIRST RIDE since 2014 and she is so good, so calm, and so reliable a beginner rider could have probably taken a lesson on her. If you're looking for reliable, steady, and easy going this is your girl. She still has a ways to go... obviously has no idea what's being asked of her and we didn't ask a lot from her, we just wanted to get a feel of what kind of horse she is and she surely did not disappoint! No vices! Does really well on 24hr turnout but equally will stay In a stall with no problem. Has been barefoot no issues for countless years. This mare deserves all the love and attention, she truly is a gem!!

Please contact me by social media or email DO NOT message the site.

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