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Brutus 2019 Gelding 17'1hh

Updated: Sep 27, 2023




Cincinnati OH


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First I have to say, this horse has the best personality. He is such a character and a fun guy to be around... he's also incredibly handsome. He bowed last year and was given time off. It is big, it is ugly... the positives it is cold, tight, and set.

I wouldn't not do anything beyond flat work with this horse BUT he has went back to training this summer and had recorded breezes which he came back sound from so that goes to show he can be put to a significant amount of work. Bottom line, they don't want to hurt him. He is an amazing animal with a disposition that's hard to put a price on and honestly if he was a clean horse he would easily be an upper level type. Loves to train. He actually enjoys being a racehorse so likely would not be happy just sitting without any job.

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