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Bold Daddy 2014 Gelding 16'1/16'2hh

Burlington KY


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LOVELY gelding thats made over 180k. He retired the end of 2021 and went home to the farm where he was able to just be a horse for almost a year. His connections have decided he would likely be happier moving into a second career and I 100% agree just by the time spent with him that he loves to have a job and purpose. Great movement and he is going to be a real head turner! He has just started back under saddle and is learning quickly but I do think he needs to be with an educated horseman, as he has the potential to have a lot of power and could easily overface or intimidate a novice rider. Already has great transitions and a lovely canter to the left. He IS left dominant and we are still working on getting a great bending right lead canter ( again he has just started post track rides) but it will come along with plenty of bending work and strengthening.

On the ground he is a bit mouthy and playful, NOT MEAN.. but he will grab ahold of your clothes, lead, or anything else he may be able to find.

Has been barefoot for a year and has done very well and been comfortable this way.

NO vice, easy keeper. He is not spooky and has not been a horse that looks around. He has hacked out in the back of the farm by himself on the buckle with no issues and was very cool, calm, and collected.

He is a very stout/big boned guy .. not fine at all.

NO other pics or video.

Please message me by social media or email DO NOT message the website.

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