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Blitz 2019 Ridgling 17'2hh





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Blitz is WONDERFUL, there is no better word for him. He is an absolute joy to be around, easy going, and the true definition of a gentle giant.

He is a ridgling... being a ridgling he has had NO studdish behavior.. he gets ponied in the mornings by a mare in the stable and could care less.

NO vices. NO behavioral issues.

He does have a decent size scar on his hock from when he was a baby. He has trained/raced like this his entire career.

I do think he would enjoy some time turned out where he can just be a horse.

Gelding him IS going to have to be done in clinic and price reflects this.

He would be a fantastic dressage horse.... a fantastic hill topper, and a great friend to you and family horse. I do think he needs a easier job (as in he isn't going to be your next upper level horse) but he has SO much potential for so many things.

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