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Bird 2016 Gelding 16'1hh

Updated: Dec 6, 2023



Burlington KY


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Bird retired after making over 115k, as he has got older his racing performances just haven't been as competitive and his owners felt like that was his way of saying he no longer enjoyed being a racehorse.

He's been with us about 60 days... when he came in we turned him out for a full 30 days without doing anything else with him... he was a bit body sore, a bit high on the race life, and needed to just enjoy being a horse.

He made friends quickly, can be turned out with anyone, and is pretty low key with no drama. Very quiet in the stall.... not buddy sour. He is ready to move on to his next career with his own person and has NOT been restarted but we will Start putting him on a routine likely next week.

Good ground manners. He is respectful in the stall, likes being groomed, easy to blanket, loads/trailers well, stands for the farrier, and etc. Just very good manners all around.

NO vices.

He has a good personality and would probably enjoy working with someone on a regular basis and building a relationship.

Not spooky, no doubt he has a great work ethic!

NO other pics or video

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